Create a Travel Budget That Works

Travelling is expensive, only when you do not plan it. By considering the costs for your basic necessities and leisure activities, you will have a travel budget that works ready for that amazing trip.

  1. Create an effective budget plan –Do not cram days before departure time creating your budget matrix. You should not just plan but you have to create a plan that will surely work. Plan ahead of your trip to save time and spend them thinking other creative options which of course will give you peace of mind.
  2. Determine your budget – Know what you can afford and play within those numbers. Determine your budget in everything starting from the basics (food, hotel, transportation, and insurance/fund) and extras (tours/sight-seeing, entertainment and gifts/souvenirs). Keep in mind that you have other bills to pay or things to do when you return from your travel. Setting priorities is important.
  3. Do your homework – Consider locations you want to visits during your travel, sight-seeing costs, hotels you can afford, consider prices of food you will eat, mode of transportation and things you want to buy. Do not stress yourself looking for places when you are already there in a foreign land. And remember, it will have to be within your budget.
  4. Look for deals and discounts – Search for the best deals online whether it’s for the basics or extras. The best part of planning ahead of your trip is to avail airfare deals which you could really save big time.
  5. Ask for advice – Ask advice from your friends and families or anyone you know has visited your destination. As much as reading online blogs and web reviews could be helpful, asking friends and families could be more trustworthy. They won’t lie to you for sure.
  6. Secure travel insurance – Be insured for unforeseen costs such as medical care when you’re travelling, lost luggage, falling victim to theft, or a transportation accident. We do not want these things but it is always better to prepared.
  7. Prepare incidental fund – This is for the “what ifs”. You do not want to return home with nothing left in your pocket. There should be a little money left over for the rainy days.
  8. Track your budget – This is the most important part of budgeting. Track your expenses from time to time during travel but do not go crazy over computation that you forget to enjoy the rest of the trip. You can do the math when you go back to the hotel. Besides, it would be unsafe counting money while you are outside touring.

I hope this will work for you all Budgetarians!



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