Mt. Ulap Traverse Dayhike


Mt Ulap


What could be a better recess from work and study than hiking?

I have once read this phrase, “In the mountains, there’s no fear. No fear of the past. No fear of the future”. Whoever wrote this line is brilliant. This is true because the mountains can make you feel how small you and your worries are. In the mountains, you feel alive and co-existent with nature.

I decided to join a solo hiking trip last week and found many amazing stories. Different stories from people and nature. A muscle scorching experience turned into something different kind of adventure.

As a solo joiner, I appreciated every moment not having to talk to anyone else and not having anyone telling me what to do. In short, I am free as a dove in a white-blue sky.

As much as I love unplanned trips, I managed to be prepared for this one, somehow. I make sure to bring necessary things like slippers and extra clothes. I settled to join Adventure Passport since I decided quite late. I am thankful to Hannah who accommodated me. At once, I thought that this hike will be a difficult hike without friends to talk to or to take a picture with, but I was wrong. This is so far the most spontaneous, free-spirited version of myself in a trip.

I made this blog to share with you what you need to know before hiking Mt. Ulap. Wherever you are, I want you to know that Mt. Ulap is one of the most hiking-friendly mountains I have hiked. Not to mention the popular Gungal rock formation which is amazingly crafted by nature, Mt. Ulap is definitely been on top of the mind in particular.

Short preview:  Mt. Ulap is composed of 3 peaks: Ambanaw Paway, Gungal, and the summit Mt. Ulap.


MT. ULAP Traverse Dayhike

Entry point: Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon
Exit point: Brgy. Sta. Fe, Itogon
LLA: 16.2904 N, 120.6312 E, 1846 MASL (Mt. Ulap)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3,
Features: Grassland and pine ridges, scenic views of the Cordilleras, burial caves
Article from Pinoy Mountaineer

Follow the Official FB Page of the Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail, Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet
You may call Text numbers 09284831133/09461159154/09463404561


Arrived at Itogon for registration at 3:30 am.

Mt Ulap Eco Trail


Mt Ulap Eco Trail


We started the trek at 4 am from Ampucao.


Reached the 1st peak, Ambanaw Paway at 6 am.

Ambanaw Peak



The scenes on the way to the 2nd peak.

Mt. Ulap sunrise, Itogon


Ambanaw Pawy


Mt. Ulap


Mt. Ulap


Mt. Ulap


Mt. Ulap


At Gungal, the 2nd peak.




The Gungal Rock formation is the highlight of the hike.





Finally reached the summit at 10:00 am. Happy and proud to have survived Mt. Ulap!

Mt. Ulap


Mt. Ulap



Mt. Ulap

Mt. Ulap


Mt. Ulap


Trekking down to Sta. Fe.

Mt. Ulap

Mt. Ulap


Pine trees lining downhill is a beautiful picture but be careful with the steep course trail.

Mt. Ulap

Mt. Ulap


There are few Sari-sari stores along the way where you can have your snacks.

Mt. Ulap

Mt. Ulap


At Sta. Fe exit point.

Sta. Fe

Sta. Fe

End of hike 🙂


Side Trips:

Lion’s Head at Kennon Road


Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls



Updated Fees:

Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail Fees Latest update!
As of Jan. 21, 2017
A. Registration Fee/ Tourism Ecological Fee (Day Hike/ Camping)
Local/ Foreign/ Excursionist
Students (Above 18yrs old) Php50.00
B. Camping Fee
Group of ten (10) people and below Php800.00
C. Guide Fee
Day Hike Php600.00
Camping Php800.00
Note: One (1) local guide only for a  minimum of group of seven (7) individuals
D. Porter Fee
Day Hike Php500.00
Camping Php800.00
(Maximum load is 20kg per porter)



DAY 0 (Saturday)
10:30 PM – ETD Cubao
Day 1 (Sunday)
3:00 AM – ETA Itogon, Benguet: Register and secure local guides.
3:45 AM – Orientation
4:00 AM – Start Trek
6:00 AM – 1st Peak – Sunrise before or at Ambucao Paoay Peak
8:00 AM – 2nd Peak – Gungal Rock formation
9:00 AM – Resume trek to summit
10:00 AM – Summit – Mt. Ulap
10:30 AM – Start trek down
12:30 NN – Sta. Fe exit point
2:00 PM – Ride van to Baguio city
3:00 PM – ETA Mines View, etc
4:00 PM – Ride down to Kennon Road to Bridal Veil Falls
5:00 PM – Bridal Veil Falls
5:15 PM – Back to Manila
9:00 PM – ETA Cubao


Things to bring:
1. Jacket
2. 1-2 liters water (depends on how much you consume)
3. Trail food
4. Flashlight/ headlamp (trek starts at 4am)
5. Packed Lunch (you can buy this at the jump off area or bring your own food pack)
6. Trekking pole (only if you are used to it)
7. Extra clothes & slippers


Mt. Ulap Traverse Dayhike + Baguio side trip
Event fee: PHP1300 or around USD26
– Roundtrip Van Cubao-Benguet-Cubao (driver, toll fees etc)
– Itogon Registration fees
– Hired guide fees
– Tour Coordinator fees
– Bagtag
– Food (you may pre-order hot breakfast meals at Php 80) or you can buy at the jump off food stalls
– Restroom/shower fees

You may send a message to Adventure Passport’s FB page or contact Hannah (Contact Number: 09472204002)

How Real Is Travel Envy?


travel list

Traveling makes you happy but not everyone in your circles. Not all your friends, work colleagues and even family will be happy because not everyone wants to hear your amazing stories and that’s a fact according to a research report in social interaction entitled The Unforeseen Costs of Extraordinary Experience published by Psychological Science.

Travel envy is real that sometimes it will leave you to think twice if you still want to talk about your trips or not. Social Media have added much to this vicious circle which makes someone envious and feeling hateful of those who have had an extraordinary experience. So as an ordinary traveler, how do you deal with this issue?

These are some helpful guide on how to deal with the struggles and to avoid the stress of travel envy. These will help you travel without making your friends jealous or making yourself envious of others. I do not consider this as humble bragging I mean literally; I just want to travel and see beautiful places, meet amazing people, experience a different culture and go on an adventure. I am not showing off but I want to share my stories too. I am not bragging but I am proud of my experience. So for me, there is no humble bragging here. I regard it as sensitivity and propriety.


10 Ways to Overcome Travel Envy

  1. Do not envy others. I made this as a golden rule in traveling, do not be envious yourself with your friends and colleagues because it will do no good to you. Sometimes you will think it’s unavoidable but it would be wiser if you will make it as motivation to reach your travel goals. Instead of being jealous and all consumed by unhappiness of self-pity, learn something out of someone’s experience and make it better when you do it on your own.
  2. Don’t broadcast your travel plan to the world. Avoid sharing a lot of details about your planned trip but make sure that someone knows about it. It is important that someone close to you has the knowledge where you are going in case something untoward happens. Broadcasting about your trip is not cool at all. It will elicit an awkward atmosphere when you get too excited about your trip and people around you aren’t. Not everyone will understand your feelings.
  3. Avoid too much social media exposure. During your travel, avoid posting selfies and flooding food porn photos in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines. Your friends, colleagues and family may think you are trying to brag. It will also be a good etiquette to post photos after travelling by using proper captions and hash tags but post only sensible pictures and avoid multiple check-ins every single time. Learn when to properly tell and share your experience to people.
  4. Don’t travel brag. You have all the right to tell the world about your great experience but don’t expect them all to like it. Yes, you are proud of that epic travel escapade of yours and travel bragging is your right but it will alienate other people especially your friends and family and make them resentful towards you. After a trip, just tell them you had a great time and the experience was amazing then proceed with your life. Don’t travel brag or never travel brag at all.
  5. Tell stories about your trip when you are asked to. Don’t avoid conversations leading to your travel as a topic of discussion and be humble to share when they want to listen to your stories. When you avoid conversation about your travel, you might sound arrogant and that you don’t want to share your experience at all. Tell them a story not just about yourself and only when you are asked to.
  6. Learn when to stop talking about your recent trip. As a traveler, you could still feel ecstatic after a great trip but learning to be sensitive about other people will save you from the stress of travel envy. As I’ve said, not everyone wants to hear about your great adventure. Learning when to stop sharing your wonderful travel story is an art to master.
  7. Create a travel journal or online diary. Since not everyone wants to hear your story, write your experience and share them to those who really want to listen. And who would that be? Of course, they are the people who share the same interests with you. Travel enthusiasts, travel bloggers and writers might be more than willing and interested to read your stories. So go on, even if no one reads them.
  8. Don’t make your travel about yourself alone. Have enough of the selfies and self-promotion. Find and share something unique about your travel. Make it something that transcends from usual traveling to exploring culture, history, people, local food and unique adventures.
  9. Don’t force people to travel like you do. They don’t need your unsolicited travel advice first and foremost. Let them discover the passion themselves. Let them figure out what inspires them and choose what makes them happy. Their happiness is not your problem anyway.
  10. You travel for your own happiness. No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. You travel to explore your curiosities and satisfy your inner wanderlust, not to make your friends envy you. Your real purpose is only known to you and that is all that matter. For whatever reason there is, you don’t need validation from other people.


The struggle of travel envy is indeed real but learning these tips will somehow spare you from the negativities and will keep you from throwing your great travel experience into a dump hole.

Happy travels Budgetarians!


Smart Travel Checklist: How to Prepare Before a Trip

travel checklist


What could be worse than forgetting important things before a trip? Sometimes, for some travelers, this could mean adventure but most of the time this is an inconvenience.

So how do you ensure not to forget anything before your trip? Below are smart and simple tips that can make your life easy as a traveler, whether you are traveling on a budget or luxury.


A month before:

1. Get a visa if required

2. Book a hotel

3. Create a travel itinerary


A week before:

1. Notify your insurance company

2. Call your bank or credit card provider

3. Download city maps

4. Familiarize yourself with the subway and public transport system

5. Study local laws and regulations

6. Research festivals and events on while you are there

7. Start packing your suitcase


A day before:

1. Write down emergency numbers of the embassy, contact numbers of family members and even work phone numbers

2. Check weather conditions and updates

3. Upload copies of your documents to the cloud or save in your emails such as identification, passport and ticket itinerary

4. Call hotel for transfer arrangement

5. Ready your travel adapter plug and electronic chargers

6. Charge your phone and camera

7. Exchange foreign currency


Before leaving, check you have:

1. Tickets (keep electronic and printed copies)

2. Passport (insert paper bill in your passport holder in case of emergency)

3. House keys

4. Local cash money

5. Phone


It’s always better to be ready than be sorry. Prepare a travel checklist and make sure to check them all before leaving home.

Happy travels! 🙂