6 Top Reasons Why I love Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand

BTS Skytrain1. BTS Skytrain – This is the most convenient mode of transportation in Bangkok. Interchanging trains is easy and hassle-free except during rush hours between 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm. You can avail the BTS Skytrain One-day Pass for only 140 Baht valid for unlimited rides on the date of issue or registration. The One-day Pass is ideal for travelers. Single Journey Ticket is also available valid for a single journey, with fare according to chosen destination. (starting at 15 baht, up to 50 Baht per journey) BTS Skytrain service runs between 06:30 and midnight. BTS Skytrain is a great way of exploring the city.


Thailand sky2. Climate – Thailand is a tropical country so expect a warm welcoming sun throughout the day during summer. You can wear soft and warm comfortable clothes, except of course for visiting temples in which conservative clothing is required. Walking shorts and soft tees, and flip flops or flats are recommended. Just a feel-good and simple outfit may do in Bangkok.


Bangkok Nightlife3. Nightlife – The city of Silom is alive at night. Ladyboys and Dream boys as what they call them are flooding the streets and alleys of Silom offering services. Bars and restaurants are most visited by tourists and travelers to unwind and to feel the vibes of Bangkok nightlife. Spa and massage are the popular forms of relaxation before ending a frantic day.


shopping4. Shopping – Night markets are awesome places to bargain local products for souvenirs. You can haggle prices and sellers will actually tell you to do it. Patpong is one of the famous and populous night markets in Bangkok just across the Silom Complex. Chatuchak night market is also an option.


5. Temples & Monuments – Thailand is home to amazing historical temples and monuments. Aside from Wat Pho, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace, the old city of Ayutthaya is remarkable and a must-see site. This is a UNESCO heritage site so don’t skip it. Also, don’t forget to hire a Tuktuk in Ayutthaya. You can’t walk from one temple to another because of far distance.


6. Thai Food – There are varieties of food ranging from cheap to expensive but I like cheap and delicious Thai street food being served hot.  You can buy a stick of steamed dumplings or tempura for 10 baht. They are clean and fresh even if they are sold along the streets.


Happy traveling to Bangkok, Thailand!

12 Replies to “6 Top Reasons Why I love Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. I have never done much travelling in Asia. Bangkok looks like an amazing place. It’s fun to travel to countries that have a very different culture than your own. Thanks for sharing your impressions of the trip.

    1. Bangkok is amazing. Their rich culture and food enticed me. I want to visit other places in Thailand like Chaing Mai and Phuket.

  2. I have never been out of the US, other than the Bahamas and Mexico. I’ve always dreamed of visiting South Korea (I have a daughter-in-law from Seoul) and Ireland. I never thought about Thailand. The night markets are now calling me name!

    1. Thailand is a happy place. If u want cultural visits then go to Thailand. The buddhas and temples are amazing. Food is also great and cheap.

  3. I have never been to Bangkok, Thailand, but it’s on my bucket list! Those are great tips! I would definitely take the SkyTrain if I visit because it sounds like it is a very economical way to see the city!

  4. I adore Thai food so that would probably be one of the main reasons I go. All of the other points you laid out are a plus as well. Their night life must be so much fun!

  5. I have never traveled here. It is on my bucket list. Reasons number two and six have me moving it higher on my list. Reasons number four and five are my hubby’s reasons for wanting to go.

  6. Thailand is so beautiful and I have heard that you can do so much, for very little money! I would absolutely love to visit Thailand someday, see the tropics and try the delicious foods! I love the points you gave on why you like it!

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