A-MAZE-ZING Sunflower??? the First Ever Sunflower Maze in the Philippines

A-MAZE-ZING sunflower

Are you planning to go to the A-MAZE-ZING Sunflower in Tayug, Pangasinan? You probably need to know this information and tips.

For the information of everybody, Allied Botanical Corporation announced that starting March 1, the sunflower bloom will begin to wither and fall. However, the maze, the edible and flower garden herb patch and vegetable showcase will remain open. 2nd set of bloom to open by 3rd week of March. Though the maze will still be open, you cannot witness the sunflowers in full bloom. It will be advisable to visit on the 3rd week of March since as of today, as I write this, the sunflowers are starting to wither.

ABC sunflower announcement

From ABC’s Facebook Page


How to Go There: Ride a bus from Cubao to Tayug, drop by Sta. Maria and take a tricycle to Allied Botanical Corporation at Brgy. C. Lichauco.

Travel Time: 3-4 hours

Budget: Approximately P1100 ( Bus 350×2 way fare, Tricycle 50×2 way fare, 100 Entrance Fee, 200 Food)

Best Time to Visit: Weekday or early morning on the weekend. People started to get thick at 9 am during weekends. Better to come early to enjoy the view and have a chance to do your OOTD pictorial with fewer people around.

Recommended Outfit: Warm cotton and comfortable clothes because the heat of the sun is scorching hot this summer season. Preferably shorts and tees ( something that will dry up easily when you sweat). Don’t forget to bring umbrella or cap.

Availability of Food Within the Area: You do not need to worry for there are enough food stalls standing along side of the farm where visitors could have snacks and lunch. Prices of food vary but still affordable.


Amazing Sunflower

So do you think you are ready? Prepare your OOTD for the 2nd set of bloom to open by 3rd week of March. Enjoy the A-MAZE-ZING Sunflower, the first ever sunflower maze in the country!

— And —

If ever you want a side trip, visit Our Lady of Manaoag Church.

Manaoag ChurchOur Lady of Manaoag Church


How to Go There from ABC: Ride a tricycle to Sta. Maria, take a jeepney and drop to Carmen where buses to Manaog are stationed.

Fare: P50 tricycle, P30 jeepney, P45 bus

Travel Time: 1-1.5 hrs

What to Do: Reflect and pray, light candles for your departed loved ones, make 3 wishes and come back when any of them came true (according to devotees).




There you go, A-MAZE-ZING Sunflower and Manaoag Church in just one day for an almost Php1300 budget. Amazing indeed! 🙂

life is beautiful, sunflower

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