Top 5 Best Transportation in Siem Reap


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Siem Reap is located in the northwest part of Cambodia and considered as the most progressive province. Siem Reap literally means the “Defeat of Siam”. This is the major tourist hub in the province where tourists flock all year round. Going around in Siem Reap is easy (you don’t need a taxi).

Here are my top 5 best (recommendable) modes of transportation in Siem Reap.


1. Tuk Tuk – going around Siem Reap is easy with Tuk Tuk. Almost all hotels have Tuk Tuk with English speaking drivers that could be arranged for tourists. A whole day trip around Siem Reap would cost $15-20. This is a fun experience and recommendable for a group of 3-4 people. The regular Tuk Tuk is 4-seater.

Tuk Tuk in Siem Reap



2. Bicycle – There is a bicycle for hires in most hotels, restaurants and even bus stations in Siem Reap. Cost ranging from $2-5 per day. This a practical way of touring around Siem Reap but could be exhausting too. This is mostly recommendable for active travelers who can withstand the physical demand. Siem Reap has a hot and humid weather so be ready to tour in a bicycle with protection. Protect yourself from the heat of the sun by wearing light clothing, head covering and sunblock. Don’t forget to hydrate and rest along the way.

Bicycle ride in Siem Reap



3. Motorbike – Hiring a motorbike is one of the most exciting trips you can have in Siem Reap. Quad motorbike ranges from $20-25 per day for 2-3 persons. If you want to have a fun and adventurous day, go hire a quad motorbike and visit the rice paddy countryside or the least-visited corners of Siem Reap.


Quad bike riding in Siem Reap



4. Elephant – Although some animal advocates have proposed the end to the cruel elephant tourism industry and given the high cost of elephant ride, there is still a high demand for it. Well, for some travelers it’s not every day that you got to see and ride an elephant. This is one of the most exciting ride for visiting temples in Siem Reap. Elephant ride cost $15-20 per person.

Elephant Ride in Siem Reap



5. Walking – The most practical of all but the most physically draining. All temples will require you to walk with your 2 feet but you need a bicycle or Tuk Tuk to go in between temples. Hiring a bicycle or Tuk Tuk could help you cover long journeys.

Walking in Siem Reap


So which one do you prefer?

Happy travels! ?


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