Sagada & Batad 3-Day Budget Itinerary

Sagada & Batad 3-Day budget itinerary

My friends and I have this yearly holy week escapade and this year was totally amazing. This is not the perfect trip but this is the most awesome outdoor experience that we all did together. We did trekking, caving and spelunking in Sagada and lived like natives while savoring the awe-spiring, breathtaking stairway to the skies in Batad, Ifugao.

This is a 3-day budget travel itinerary to Sagada and Batad which all of you can follow step by step. I want to share with you all you need to know before you visit these two beautiful places in the northern part of the Philippines. All about tourism, tour and guide fees are detailed in the itinerary at the last portion of this blog.

Shall we begin? ?


What to Do in Sagada?

•Adventure Trail

The Adventure Trail consists of a 3 hours trek to the Echo Valley Hanging Coffins passing by the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, entering the Sagada Underground River. This includes forest trails and river crossing. (The trail can be finished in 1.5 hrs).

Echo valleyForest trail.


Echo valleyThis the Echo Valley viewing station. It is called Echo Valley basically because you can hear your voice echoing loud and clear when you make a sound or shout atop. lol


Sagada Hanging coffinsSagada Hanging Coffins

Sagada is very rich in history and has a unique funerary customs. The people of Sagada claims that this is a 2000 years old burial custom. According to the locals, when a person died, they let the dead body sit on the chair in order to achieve a fetal position, cover it with blanket, put in the coffin and hang by the cliff. This is the belief that a person must exit the world as he entered it like a fetus. And that should be hanged up the cliff so that the dead person will be closer to heaven and their ancestral spirits.

According to also to our tour guide, the main reason why coffins of the Igorot tribe are hanged is in order not to be eaten by dogs or other wild animals if buried in the ground. This is a fascinating burial custom but some historians do not account the claim of said practice as they lacked written evidence.


Forest trail
The trail to the underground river.


Sagada adventure trail, river crossing

River crossing.


Sagada Underground River


We passed through these beautiful wild flowers on the trail…


Cabbage farm

And red cabbage farm.


End of Adventure Trail.


•Cave Connection

A 40 minutes walk to Lumiang Burial Cave entrance passing by Dokiw Hanging Coffins, emerging at Sumaguing Cave. A 3-4 hours exploration inside the cave. This is a physically demanding activity so be ready before doing this. (This can also be finished in 2.5 hours depending on your pace).

Lumiang Burial cave Entrance to Lumiang Burial Cave


Lumiang Cave



Sumaguing Cave


Some weird stone formations inside the cave.


Sumaguing Cave

I finally saw the light…?Yey! I survived Lumiang and Sumaguing cave connection.

•Kiltepan Sunrise Viewing

Kiltepan sunrise


Kiltepan sea of clouds

Enjoy the morning breeze and mesmerizing sea of clouds at Kiltepan.


Where to Stay in Sagada?

•Panyero’s Homestay

Panyero's Homestay

What I like about Panyero’s Homestay is that it is located at the heart of Sagada. It is 2 minutes walk to Tourism Office and 5 mins walk to famous restaurants and cafes. It is also clean and the owner is very nice. The wifi is good of course and just around $5 per night. ?

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Where to Eat in Sagada?

•Bana’s Cafe

Bana's cafe

They said Bana’s Cafe have the best breakfast in Sagada. And they are right.

When you visit the cafe, you got to try their civet coffee espresso and experience a Pinoy style breakfast at Bana’s Cafe.




Celebrate morning at Bana’s cafe with a great view of these flowers.

•Marfere Country Inn & Restaurant

Masferre ountry inn and restaurant

Located at the heart of Sagada, Masferre offers good food choices. We ordered Pinikpikan and some pork barbecue when we had our dinner.


•Yoghurt House

Yoghurt house

They have one of the best desserts in Sagada. Yoghurt House also serves western cuisines, mostly pasta, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, steaks and hams.

And of course, your visit to Yoghurt house will not be complete without trying their famous yogurt bowls.


•Sagada Lemon Pie House

Sagada lemon pie house



They have a nice interior too and you got to experience a japanesese seating style.

Where to Eat in Banaue?

•7th Heaven’s Cafe

7th heaven's cafe

What to Do in Batad?

•Sight-Seeing at Banaue Rice Terraces

Batad Rice terraces

Batad Rice Terraces – A UNESCO Heritage site.


Banaue rice terraces


Batad rice terraces



The Tappiya falls was closed for trail construction when we visited. Don’t miss it when you come by Batad.

Where to Stay in Batad?

•Ramon’s Homestay

Mang Ramon and his family is well-known in Batad, Ifugao. His homestay is always chosen by the travelers around the world because of the Nipa Hut experience and his knowledge in history. He has been featured several times in television and prints.

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This is an almost 100 years old Nipa Hut or “no nail” house. Hut 2 is a special hut because Mang Ramon, the owner, was born there. We were honored to have slept in that hut and we have enjoyed the experience. Sleeping in a nipa hut means no comfort room and no light. We just had our sleeping mats with mattress. And if you got to pee in the middle of the night, you need to go down to the common comfort rooms.


It was a fun experience to wear the native Ifugao attire.


Mang Ramon, Ramon homestay, ifugao costume

We had a souvenir photo with the famous Mang Ramon and his cousin. We were lucky because not everybody got a chance to see him in person. Mang Ramon really speaks the English language so well.? I heard him being interviewed by an American traveler. I was amazed.?


Here is our detailed itinerary. We are a group of 4 friends. It is recommended to travel in a group in order to save from tour and transportation rates.



Day 0
9 pm – Cubao-Sagada via Coda Lines (P720 Regular AC, P1050 Super Deluxe)

Day 1
8:00 am – Arrival in Sagada
8:20 am – Register in Tourism Office (P35 Environmental Fee). Check guided tours.
8:30 am – Check-in Panyero’s Homestay (P300/night)
10-11:00 am – Brunch at Bana’s Cafe (P180)
11:30 am – Start Adventure Trail (P800/person adventure trail+cave connection, 3 hours trek to Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, passing by the Church of St. Mary’s the Virgin, enter Sagada Underground River). Includes forest trails and river crossing. P10 environmental fee per peson.
2:00 pm – Cave Connection (Lumiang Burial Cave entrance, passing by Dokiw Hanging Coffins, connecting to Sumaguing Cave). 3-4 hrs cave exploration which we have finished in 2hrs.
4:30 pm – Back to hotel
7:00 pm – Dinner at Masferre (P92)
8:00 pm – Visit souvenir shops (P450) optional
8:30 pm – Snacks at Yoghurt House (P120)
9:30 pm – Back to hotel

Day 2
4:30 am – Kiltepan Sunrise viewing (P85/person or 6/500 per van or jeepney rental – minimum of 11)
7:00 am – Breakfast at Sagada Lemon Pie House (P160)
8:00 am – Back to hotel
9:30 am – Travel to Bontoc (P50)
10:30 am – Arrival in Bontoc
11:00 am – Depart Bontoc to Banaue with stop-over at Mt. Polis (P150)
1:00 pm – Arrival in Banaue and Registration at Municipal Tourism Center (P30)
1:20 pm – Late lunch at 7th Heaven’s Cafe (P162)
2:00 pm – Viewpoint Sightseeing at Hiwang Village (P30 entrance, P100 transpo/person)
3:00 pm – Travel to Batad (P250 trike/person or P150 jeep until 3 pm only)
3:50 pm – Arrival at Saddle point
4:20 pm – Trek down at Ramon’s Homestay (P250/night). We stayed at Nipa Hut #2 which regular rate is P300/person because there’s no more available regular rooms.?
4:30 pm – Start Sightseeing (P100/person)
6:30 pm – Back to Ramon’s Homestay
7:00pm – Dinner (P140)
9:00pm – Lights out

Day 3
6:00 am Wake-up call
7:00 am Breakfast (Cup noodles)
7:30 am Photo ops with Mang Ramon with Ifugao native costume (leave token)
8:10 am Trek up to catch the 9 am public jeepney to Banaue
9:00 am Left for Banaue
9:10 am Arrival in Banaue (P150)
9:20 am Banaue to Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (P105)
12:30 pm – Lunch at Kaboodle Grill (P200)
1:30 pm – Solano to Cubao/Manila via Tuguegarao buses (P350)
10:30pm – Arrival in Manila.



Total – P4,889 (almost US$100) each




Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center located at Poblacion, Sagada, Mountain Province, Phils.

Email Add:


Tour Guide in Batad – Jonathan

Cellphone #0928-3328592


Have a fun visit to Sagada & Batad! ?

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