Boracay Island With Antique Side Trip


Activities: Parasailing, Island hopping, Helmet diving, Pubcrawl, Kawa bath, and Trekking

My friends and I went to our hometown last Nov 1 for All Soul’s Day to commemorate the faithful departed friends and loved ones. We decided to take a route Boracay Caticlan-Antique instead of the usual Iloilo-Antique via plane. This time we will take a sea trip from Batangas going to Caticlan and Antique. We have booked our ticket earlier to grab the promo rate of 2Go Travel. Our ship ticket cost P1,050 each with free dinner. Since 3 of us will come from Manila and in anticipation of people who will be going to provinces that day, we decided to leave work earlier. In my case, I took a half day leave and traveled by PNR from Sta. Mesa Station to Alabang station, the last station in the south. The train was a little uncomfortable but it was fast, though. Across the station is Alabang Bus Terminal where the buses going to Batangas Port are located. The bus waited few minutes and departed the station around 4.30pm

We left Batangas port Nov. 28 at 9 pm (Friday) and arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port in Malay, Aklan the following day at 7.30am. We paid for a Terminal fee and environmental fee a total of P200.00 and ride a 20-seater boat for around 15mins to Boracay. From Boracay port, we transferred to a tricycle ride to Station 2 of the Island for P20.00 each. we dropped along the street of D’Mall and walked towards the alley going to our hostel. We rented a room overnight amounting to P1,500 which is good for 4 persons. We haggled it from P2,000. We rested for an hour, prepared ourselves for a tour. We also met with a friend who came from Bacolod in the morning.


Day 1

We walked at leisure along the beach of Boracay and dropped by Boracay Pubcrawl office to buy tickets (P650) and get our shirts (included in the package) and proceed to Station 1 for lunch. After a morning hunger strike, we finally ate at Jonah’s Fruitshake & Restaurant which cost each of us around P250.


Strolled along the shore and had our castle photo taken.

The scorching heat of the sun withered us so we went back to the hostel and sleep. Unfortunately, we overslept and woke up at 4 pm.

At 4.30pm we quickly searched for parasailing package and was able to get P750 offer rate. Again, we haggled.


And this happened. One of the best experience ever though it was already dark. We are the last people to ride and para-sail, overlooking the beautiful island of Boracay.

Almost dark and we got back at the island happy and still ecstatic. We took shower and ready for the night.
It’s Pubcrawl night!

Epic. 5 bars in 1 night. Best night ever! Turning strangers into friends.
Met some of these people from Manila who we became friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Came back to the hostel late at 1 am after midnight snack at Mc Donalds.


Day 2

Island hopping on a sweet sunny day.


Our first activity was snorkeling but I opted to take photos instead.


Next was Puka Beach.


After lunch, we did Helmet diving. It was something memorable and tensed down there.

End of morning tour.

In the afternoon, we left the island and did a side trip to Antique. We traveled 2 and half hours to reach Tibiao Fish Spa. We stayed overnight and paid P450/person overnight. Not cheap.


Day 3 – Side trip

On our bucket list was Tibiao kawa bath. At 8 in the morning, we went to Brgy. Importante where Kayak Inn is located. From Brgy Importante along national highway, a habal-habal motorcycle took us uphill. We paid P100 for 2-way trip.
And finally found this. #Kawabath

Just across Kayak Inn is the Tibiao River. The view of the rustling river was liberating. The river is also great for kayak activities.


Fascinating! So I tried a tree pose.

And of course, this one photo which led me there in the first place. Lol

When you like being cooked.
After a 30-minute kawa bath, we trekked up to Bugtong Bato Falls. We only managed up to the 3rd falls of 7. We were exhausted.



We were back at the inn around 12:30 pm and tided up, ride habal-habal back to Brgy. Importante waited for bus and head to our own hometown. Home sweet home at 3 pm.

End of the side trip.


Back to Manila on Nov 2. I had these pictures at Plazuela de Iloilo before going to the airport. ?



Total Expenses: P8,135.00


Ship Ticket – P1,050.00

CebuPac Ilo-Mnl – P2,500.00 (Big chunk of my budget went here mainly because it was peak season)


Boracay – P1,500/4 / P375.00 each

Tibiao Fish Spa – P450.00


Caticlan-Boracay – P200.00

Boracay-Caticlan – P120.00

Tricycle to Station 2 – P40.00 (2-way)

Caticlan-Tibiao – P120

Habal-habal – P100 2-way


Lunch & Dinner Midnight Snacks Day 1 – P630.00

Dinner Day 2 – P30.00

Breakfast Day 3 – P120.00

Parasailing – P750.00

Pubcrawl – P650.00

Island hopping with lunch buffet and helmet diving – P700.00

Kawa Bath – 200

Tour guide at Falls – P150.00/3 / P50.00 each

Tibiao-Home – P50.00

It was a little out of budget but my experiences are all worth it.

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