5 Set and Forget Travel Hacks to Save Money

Travel hacks
One of the most common reasons people don’t travel enough is the lack of money. While I can’t increase your income, I can show you some clever hacks that you only need to implement once and save money on traveling for a long time to come!
So let’s get the party started –
     1. Be an airline Mystery Shopper
Tired of paying full price or full mileage for your flights? Now you can get 50% off flights for major airlines.
Evaluate It by SQM is primarily a Canadian mystery shopping company, but they do have some opportunities in the US, mostly in the form of 50% off of flights and free tickets from a major US bus transport company.
This all sound great, but let’s focus on those plane tickets! You will need to make a profile with Evaluate It and wait until you are approved to be a Mystery Shopper to start booking tickets, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.
The only drawback is you don’t earn frequent flier miles for these bookings.
If you don’t live in US or Canada, don’t worry, I have some other amazing hacks for you that work everywhere.

  1. Get (dirt) cheap tickets with Scott’s cheap flights

Scott cheap flights is a site dedicated to finding price mistakes in airline fares and then letting consumers know about it through email alerts. The basic service is free I recommend going with the paid option as it gives you the following benefits –
Chose your departure airport
You are first to know
No ads
And much more

  1. Use your credit card to pay

Use your Membership Rewards Card to pay for your living expenses + travel expenses and get points you can use towards your travel expenses.
Set up a direct debit from your bank to pay off the balance each month. It’s almost like money for nothing as you’re paying for these expenses anyway!
Some Expenses you can pay with Points –
Seat upgrade
Flight seat
Hotel Room
Airport Lounges

  1. Be an airline mystery shopper and get 50% off on flights

The Frequent Flyer app Pays you in the form of miles, gift cards, and other travel perks when you share your mobile’s location data. You get paid for doing nothing. Sweet, right?
The company behind the app is a market research company that uses your location data and aggregates it to derive meaningful data points about consumers.

  1. Make International calls for cheap using Rebtel

International calls are not cheap! But that should not come in your way when you want to talk to your loved ones while you are abroad. Whether you are in Alleppey or Ohau, with the Internet or without, you should always be able to talk them. Having this goal in mind, Rebtel has introduced unlimited and free app-to-app calling without the need for an Internet connection.
It works by using the telephone lines instead of a data connection, so you get the best possible call quality at the lowest price.Rebel Calling provides for unlimited app-to-app calling for just $1 per month. For your international calling needs, unlimited calls are as low as $5 per month.

Byline: Shaurya Jain, travel writer for Asian Tours and Holidays is an adventure freak. When he is not doing work, he is either traveling or dreaming about traveling.

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