Luxurious Chiang Mai for Budget Travelers

Chiang Mai, Luxurios Chiang Mai

Who’s for budget luxury?

I had been dreaming of traveling Thailand for some time so I made a trip to Bangkok last February 2017. Bangkok was fascinating and amazing to me but city life is too much since I already live in a busy and congested Metro Manila. I want to escape the city and so I visited Ayutthaya, just 1-2 hours away from Bangkok. I also wanted to visit Pattaya that time but time did not permit. I fell in love with Thailand’s culture, food, and people during my travel.


Another Thailand’s province on my bucket list is Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is sometimes written as “Chiengmai” or “Chiangmai“, is the largest city in Northern Thailand. I have read a lot of e-books about Chiang Mai, one is Luxurious Chiang Mai: The 5-star guide to hotels, dining, spa, and sightseeing in Chiang Mai by Laura Gibbs and it never failed to amaze me in so many ways. This splendid place, little did I know has a lot to offer. With nature and culture combined, no doubt, Chiang Mai is the next top destination in Southeast Asia.


What I like about this guide Luxurious Chiang Mai: The 5-star guide to hotels, dining, spa and sightseeing in Chiang Mai is that the author,  Laura Gibbs covers all best hotels, sightseeing, activities, fine dining, cafes and high tea, bars/nightlife, shopping, pampering and spa time, trips outside Chiang Mai, events, and practical issues in Chiang Mai. This is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to plan a luxury honeymoon or a once in a lifetime holiday in style. According to her, while Chiang Mai is so often talked about as being cheap and a great spot for budget travelers, it is rarely mentioned as being one of the best places in the world for affordable 5-star luxury. Needless to say, Chiang Mai is the next destination for budget luxury.

This book makes me want to be there at this very moment as I’m writing this. I’m totally into Chiang Mai now.

Let’s go visit Chiang Mai! 🙂


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