Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey Welcomes 4 New Celebrity Endorsers

bangs prime salon by tony & jackeyBangs Prime Salon welcomes its newest brand ambassadors last May 9, 2017. The event was held in Bangs Prime Head Office at Malate, Manila where 4 new celebrity endorsers signed a contract together with Bangs Prime Salon’s Representative, General Manager, and President Sky Park.

Bangs prime salon contract signing

L-R Bangs Prime Salon’s Representative, Ana Katrina Ramsey, Aaron DeTommaso, President Sky Park, Tim Pavino, Janine Kent and Bang’s Prime Salon’s General Manager


Bangs Prime Salon is an upscale brand of Tony & Jackey with over 15 branches in the Philippines. President Park wants to bring Bangs Prime Salon to a competitive advantage, to be well-known in the country and as to how the Filipino people recognized Tony & Jackey as no. 1 Korean hairstyle salon in the Philippines. He believes that the new celebrity endorsers can help the company reach its goals in terms of marketing campaigns.

The 4 newest faces that will represent the company’s brand are Aaron DeTommaso, Ana Katrina Ramsey, Tim Pavino and Janine Kent.

Aaron DeTommaso

Aaron DeTommaso – Australian Model, Musician and TV Personality


Ana Katrina Ramsey

Ana Katrina Ramsey – MOR DJ, Singer and Euro Pop 2014 Gold Medalist



When the 4 new celebrity endorsers were asked why they choose Bangs Prime Salon over the others, all of them agreed it’s because of the quality of service and professionalism they have experienced with Bangs Prime Salon.

The event was graced by performances from all of its newest faces. Janine Kent sang “Latch” for the media and bloggers who are present.  Aaron DeTommaso also rendered a famous Tagalog song “Buko” in his Aussie diction. Tim Pavino, serenaded us an OPM song I’ll Never Go Far Away From You and lastly, Ana Katrina Ramsey showcased her powerful voice through a song number like a true Ramsey.

Welcome to the family! 🙂


Bangs prime salon

With Bangs Prime Salon’s newest celebrity endorsers.


For Mothers’s Day celebration, Bangs Prime Salon is offering a 50% discount on selected services from May 1 until 31, 2017. For latest promos visit

Bangs prime salon promo, discount



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