The Unexpected 48 Hour London Itinerary


Do you know that feeling of waking up one morning and unexpectedly deciding you must take a short break to London? Yes, me too. There’s something about that feeling that keeps things interesting. But a lot of planning comes with every last minute decision, even if you prefer to travel without an itinerary, you still need to plan some elements of your weekend city break, especially when travelling with your toddler.

As much as we love unexpected things to happen (let’s be honest, the best things in life are unexpected), having a plan for your trip can save you a lot of time that you can invest choosing the perfect postcard to take back home.

Here’s a brief itinerary to help you.       


Day One

Brit Movie Tours provide various tours. Since they all depart from individual locations, you can take one that fits the area you are staying in. If you’re travelling with kids, the Harry Potter Tour of London Locations is a must. It departs from Temple tube station and after a 2.30 – 3.00 hour tour it will leave you at King’s Cross station. You travel in an air-conditioned mini coach (perfect for summer) to some of the film locations from the eight films. Alternatively, you can take the Bridget Jones and Rom-Com London Tour, or the BBC Sherlock Locations Tour. No matter what your favourite film of TV series is, you’ll find something here.    

The Hop on and Hop off Bus Tour allows you to go back to the city centre, or travel to your next stop while enjoying some of London’s iconic buildings. You can choose the route that suits you best as there are multiple routes on offer.    

The National Gallery hosts a collection of paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Plus, it offers creative workshops for children. It closes at 9.00pm on a Friday, so you can make your last stop there as it’s surrounded by many cafes and restaurants where you can have dinner.  



Day Two

Submerge into the darkness of these 22 miles of man-made tunnels at Chislehurst Caves. During the 45-minute tour through the underground labyrinth, you’ll learn about druids, the Romans and the Saxons, and how its use changed through time.

A short ride from the caves by Uber or taxi will leave you at Eltham Palace. Here you can step back in time and learn about its construction in 1305, and how it was renovated with Art Deco architecture in 1930. It has an outdoor play area where your kids can burn up some energy, making it the perfect place for the whole family. You can also have lunch at the Eltham Palace café.

At the London Wetland Centre, you can get close to nature by joining one of their guided tours.It hosts an indoor Discovery Centre with interactive games featuring water, that will keep your kids entertained. If you’re lucky with the weather, you can also take your kids to the outdoor adventure playground (it has a climbing wall and water games, I don’t need to say any more than that!) This urban oasis for wildlife is the perfect place to recharge your batteries.  

If you still have time and energy, you can take a one-hour tour of the Chelsea FC Stadium. It closes at 5.00pm each day and tours depart every half hour.   


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Getting a good night’s sleep

Luckily for everyone, London has plenty of options for nighttime lodgings. So whether you’re planning to sleep on a budget, or you want to treat yourself to a more luxurious sleep, the city has an option for you.

The London Bank Tower Hotel offers affordable rooms (prices from £87.00). It’s not too fancy, but it’s clean and it’s a family-friendly hotel. For a more luxurious sleep, the Royal Garden Hotel (prices from £204) offers an unforgettable stay in a prime location. It is a family-friendly hotel that guarantees a remarkable time for your kids.

If you don’t like any of these options, you can always book an Airbnb.


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