Things to Know Before Packing for Myanmar

Bagan, myanmar

Yes. There are few things you need to know before packing your bags to Myanmar.  I mean important things you should always remember to make your travel worry-free. These are on point tips that will help you overcome occasional anxiety attacks while traveling to many parts of the old country Burma because I’m telling you it will not be easy but it will all be worth it. Just remember the following things.

1. Wet wipes. All temples will require you to take off shoes or slippers including socks. Be ready to step on orange spit from betel nut chewing folks, monkey urine and most likely fungus inflicting organisms from the surroundings. A handful of wipes and alcohol will ease your gross feeling and worry.

2. Plastic bag. Since all temples need visitors to take off foot covers, it will be wise to bring a plastic bag with you for your shoes or slippers. Foot covers should be left at the entrance of every pagodas or temples. Imagine hundreds of visitors with their shoes or slippers outside. Some temples also require a fee if you deposit to them. You can also use some plastic bag for your own food waste.

3. Dust mask. Myanmar was an ancient city so expect soily and uncemented roads. Actually, dust is worse in Mandalay compared to Bagan due to added air pollution. You can get allergies especially if you are traveling on motorbike. Wear also something to cover your face and eyes.

4. Sunscreen. Wear a skin protection for the sun can get scorching hot at daytime. You can also use scarf or bandana for coverage.

5. Jacket and warmer. I did not expect Myanmar as a cold place at all. All the time, I thought it’s a dry place. The coolest place is Inle so don’t forget to bring a fleece jacket or warmer if you don’t want to freeze when taking a night bus walking down to your hotel early in the morning and when you are doing a lake tour.

6. Crisp USD notes and small notes. Always bring crisp USD to exchange for local currency Kyat. Most money changers do not accept old and faded USD. Also, keep small notes for tipping.

7. Haggle. Sometimes, you should learn to haggle prices especially if you are a budget traveler. Some vendors and tour operators tend to hike prices for tourists. Know the right rates and don’t haggle too much. Some of these people got only tourism for a living.

So when you’re ready, just pack and go! Happy travels Budgetarians! 🙂

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