5 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in New Zealand

When Bear Grylls says, “There is only one word for New Zealand- EPIC”, I can understand how the magical beauty of this “land of white clouds” must have enchanted his mind. I love New Zealand! And I’m sure that I’m not alone to love this slice of heaven. You know that our favorite Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was filmed here? With a population of just four Million people, New Zealand boasts an abundance of natural wonders that you just can’t help but marvel at. Be at it’s incredible glaciers, pristine beaches, giant whales, or delicious old wines, New Zealand tops the list of must-visit places on earth. So, before you plan your trip to New Zealand, let us discuss what unique experiences this country offers.


1. Learn About Maori, New Zealand’s First Culture

‘Maori’ is the soul of New Zealand. As it is said “Be a Roman while in Rome”, wouldn’t it be a great idea to be a New Zealander while here? For this, you will have to learn the cultural beliefs and traditions of the country. You can visit the cultural heritage sites or attend an evening event that offers you a keen insight into the Maori food, rituals, and art. You will find these places in Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Waikato and Northland regions. Visit the iconic city of Rotorua where you can learn a lot of Maori culture including their dance form- Haka. Plan an overnight stay in Waiheke Island and soon you will be able to understand the meanings of “Hangi, Hongi, Hoi, Tiki” and many other Maori expressions.

Photo Credits: einalem


2. Float in the Galaxy of Wine

New Zealand is a paradise for all the wine lovers. For this something that you best do is the Classic Wine Trail that takes you on a tour of some of the best wineries of the country. If you find yourself unable to do this, visit Auckland and Queenstown, places that are popular as the “wine regions” of New Zealand. And you know, not just the regions, New Zealand has an entire island of wine too! Waiheke Island, where you can taste the best wine on earth, is just 35 kilometers ferry ride from Auckland.

Galaxy of wine


3. Catch an Adrenaline Hit

If you have checked some travel planning sites, you must be knowing that New Zealand offers the world’s best adventure experience. You will find all the adventure activities just at one place in this country. Whether you want to go for a boat ride, or you want to try skiing, river rafting, hiking and biking, or want to try bungy jumping, the beaches and valleys of New Zealand are just perfect for everything. Queenstown is, indeed, the best place for this.



4. Explore Off-beat Natural Landscapes

Although New Zealand is home to the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, try exploring some off-beat locations such as Wai-O-Tapu’s Geothermal Wonderland, the blue waters of Lake Pukaki, or the world’s steepest street in Dunedin. The diverse landscape of New Zealand makes the country full of unique and somehow “weird” destinations of the world.

Lake Pukaki

Photo Credits: Kay Adams


5. Befriend a Kiwi

You know that it’s a “Kiwi Country” and that is why you should not leave without holding these balls of feathers in your hands. Although these cute creatures are not easy to find, you can visit the Auckland Zoo, Rotorua, or the Kiwi House and Native Bird Park in Otorohanga to catch a glimpse of these birds.


Photo Credits: robert linsdell

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