A Day in Vietnam: How I Spent usd32 for 1 Day in Ho Chi Minh City


Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Okay, so this is long overdue. In continuation of my epic Thai-Cam-Viet adventure in February a year ago, I would like to share to you guys how I survived Ho Chi Minh with USD32 in my pocket. How I split them for Ho Chi Minh tour, souvenirs, food, and bus to the airport going home. This does not include my USD10 pre-booked hostel.

So to start, me and my friend left Pnomh Penh around noon time and arrived at 8:00 pm of February 6. We had to transfer to another bus in one hot afternoon and cross over border in Bavet. Crossing the border is not easy. We had to pass to 2 different immigrations and wait for other tourists to hop on before leaving. Because of that, we reached Ho Chi Minh City a little late than scheduled by the bus company.

When we arrived at Ho Chi Minh, we immediately looked for a tour company that is still open and luckily found one for a whole day Mekong Delta tour which costs USD10. Right after finding a tour, we found a restaurant nearby the bus station along backpackers area and find our hostel, took a good night rest before the morning kicks in.

Good thing was, the tour company where we bought ticket has a hotel pick-up so we did not sweat going to the main road for pick-up. The bus picked us up on agreed time. It was efficient and the bus conductor also served as the tour guide for the group. He was funny and a good communicator too.


Mekong Delta Tour Package

1. Vinh Trang Temple and Pagoda

A beautiful collonial French architecture located in the south in Tien Giang Province.

Vinh Trang Pagoda

vinh trang pagoda

2. Mekong Delta tour (My Tho – Ben Tre)

  • Island Tour: Unicorn Island
  • Lunch: Included in Tour fee
  • Bee Farm and Coconut Candy workshop and Canal
  • Tropical fruit and folk music

Mekong Delta

Places to See in Ho Chi Minh City for Free!

Ho chi minh post office

Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Notre Dame cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Expenses (USD32)

  • Tour – USD10
  • Food – USD9
  • Souvenirs – USD12
  • Bus to Airport – USD1


Not so bad, isn’t it?

Happy travel Budgetarians!?

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