Top Travel Destinations to Travel on Your Bike in the U.S

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Top travel destinations to travel on your bike in the U.S

Going on a vacation is a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. But where to go on vacation is one of the hardest things to decide. But fret not, we have got it all covered; below we’re going to describe some of the most amazing places in the U.S to which you can easily travel on your bike.

Black Hills SD:

This route can be taken anytime of the year. You can take the route to Sturgis and can visit Mt. Rushmore on your way too. If you take South Dakota Highway 87 all the way up to Hill City, then you can enjoy stunning sites like Cluster State Park and Wind Cave National Park. The most prominent attraction on this route is the Mt. Rushmore national memorial and it leads into the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is a heaven for all Harley Davidson fanatics around the world. You can also visit Prairie Dog town to observe the charming little creatures in their natural habitat. You can easily find different lodges and boutique hotels to stay in this area, even there are many tiny Bed n Breakfasts available.

Yellowstone National Park WY:

This is a 142 mile Grand loop swinging around the Yellowstone National Park. All the sites here are worth-seeing like; Mammoth Hot Springs, Fountain Pots and the famous Old Faithful. The trip might seem possible in one day, but we suggest you to break it into at-least 3, 4 days because the speed limit is only 45 mph. The loop is full of sightseeing spots and you can always find wildlife wandering on the roads. The place is great for camping but if you don’t want to camp you can easily get hotels in nearby towns.

Las Vegas Outskirts NV:

This route runs between Highways 167 and 169 connecting valley of Fire National park, Lake Mead and Hoover dam. All these sites offer an amazing natural view that is counterpart to the razzle dazzle of the Las Vegas. Don’t speed too much in the Valley of Fire National Park as the speed limits are quite low over there and you can easily get a ticket. We would suggest using all weather motorcycle jackets as the nights can get cold. Try to avoid travelling during winter months as the temperatures get near to freezing and you can damper on your motorbike. As the nearing city is Las Vegas so, there is no shortage of amenities and hotels in this area.

Zion National Park UT:

This is 54-mile scenic bypass that runs along the Highway 9 from I-15 to Mt. Carmel Junction. The Zion Valley National Park is the main attraction here but the surrounding landmarks are worth-seeing too like; Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell. For all these road trips we suggest that you should never use cheap motorcycle tires but always go for the best quality ones. There are luxurious spots available here like Zion Lodge and Zion Ponderosa Resort to stay here but you also camp in one of three official camping sites.

Hudson Valley NY:

This track is just 90 minutes away from Manhattan. This 80 miles road includes scenic vistas of the Hudson River. This road journey is full of beautiful wineries, quaint villages and outstanding restaurants. The Valley spans from Yonkers in south to Albany in north and 87 interstate in the east and Highway 9 to the west. If you’re covering this track, don’t forget to see the Hawk’s Nest; a picturesque sketch of road four miles from Port Jervis to the oldest suspension bridge in the U.S.


Happy travels! 🙂