How to Plan Your Wildlife Vacations in Australia

wildlife, australia

If there is one thing any person will always be happy about, it’s planning a vacation. Simply outlining your group or family’s outing itinerary can hype you up like crazy. After all, who doesn’t like spending a day at the beach?  Or, feel the thrill of a mountaineering trip? Tell me if any of you can resist the charms of going for a ski vacation? Well, I can’t. You can invite me to a picnic in the local park and I’d go. If it means that I can – even for a moment – forget the stresses of life and work, I’d definitely go. I’d even plan the entire day – from bird watching to cloud games and tea time!

Vacations just pump my spirits up so high.

But more than just a vacation, something that can excite anyone more is going for a trip somewhere they’ve never been to and doing things they never have. One example is going for a wildlife vacation. The idea may not be entirely new. Most of us do Safari trips all the time, after all. But let’s add a twist to it. How about a wildlife vacation – in Australia?

I know it’s crazy – crazy perfect, that is! Lions may be a classic sight in Africa. Pandas may be adorable to visit in China. And, let’s not even start with the majestic elephants found in Thailand (See best places to visit Thai elephants here: All these creatures are amazing in their own way. But we almost always find them in local and international zoos. So for this year’s wildlife trip, why not go for something out of the ordinary? Now, it’s not everyday you get to see kangaroos right? These lively marsupials are sure to get you hooked in Australia. Just make sure not to get too close though! From what I heard (and seen in a many cartoon shows), these lovely creatures of the wild sure pack a good kick!

wildlife, australia

Aside from the kickass marsupials (literally) that naturally inhabit the continent, you also get the chance to see cute, sluggish koalas. If you’re a fan of pandas, these furry little creatures come pretty close when it comes to adorableness; they eat leaves too, although they prefer eucalyptus. I don’t really know what is up with adorable, cuddly animals being fond of long, pointy leaves. If you know why it’s such a trend among them, please do share it with me on the comments section below. I’d love to hear your crazy theories!

Anyway, back to the topic. If you’ve made your mind up about going to an Australian Wildlife Vacation, here are a few tips to help you with your journey:

Create a Well-Balanced Itinerary

When you go on vacation, the first thing you need is a schedule. I’m not saying you should plan everything down to the very last minute. What I am saying is that vacations are expensive and hard to come by. You should at least make sure that you get to spend it in the best ways possible. When you don’t have a well thought out itinerary, you end up wasting precious minutes lounging in the hotel room or wandering aimlessly. Before you even head to Australia, thoroughly research the place. You have the convenience of the internet to do that. Search where are the best places to go, the fastest way to get there, and when is the best time of the day or week to visit. When you carefully learn about these things, you’d be surprised at how much a single day can be worth. Quit putting it off and get your fingers to work. Start searching Google today.

Bring Essentials

Next, carefully choose what you bring to battle. You’ll end up spending more money than necessary when you forget the most important things. Bring medicine, first aid (just in case you really get kicked, lol), emergency cash (keep it somewhere else, not just in your wallet), and a map. Don’t forget your map. Thankfully, however, we have Google Maps nowadays. Download it in your phone before the trip.

Pack Light

Lastly, bring only what’s necessary. Don’t bring too much clothing. Trust me, you’ll. Also, travel light. Maybe opt for sandals or slippers instead of sneakers; sleeveless shirts over long sleeves; light fabric shorts over denim jeans. Less luggage means less worry – remember that.



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