Top 10 Most Common Solo Travel Scenarios & Why I like Them


Are you familiar with the following scenarios? Then you must be enjoying solo travel. Some of these may be awkward but most of them will give you a fulfilled feeling of accomplishment.

    1. No one will take your photo. Top on my list but not a problem anymore. Since selfie stick and tripod are our friends, you can take photos over and over again until you get your desired result. No one to blame when the photos are not of your liking. If you are friendly enough, asking a fellow traveler or tourist to take your photo will not hurt but may end you up disappointed if you do not get the photos you want. Better not.
    2. Eating solo. The problem is that you have no one to share food when you travel solo. This means you will probably be paying for food more expensively. The good thing on the other hand is that you will not rush eating. You can eat whatever you want and whenever you want without people complaining about their angry bellies all the time. It will kill your joy.
    3. Stupid happens and it’s okay. When you did something stupid traveling alone like being left by a bus or a train, no one will blame you for such misdeed and you can save your self from shame because no one will ever know. Always a smart thing to do.
    4. Killing boredom. Taking a long-haul bus or train trip can be very exhausting and boring when you have no one to talk to. Again, not a problem. Bring a book to read, write something or just simply sleep or rest and no one will disturb your peace.
    5. You are responsible for yourself. Since you are alone, no one will take care of you. No one will wake you up in the morning. No one will take care of your belongings when you go to the toilet when you happened to be in public places. No one will comfort you when you are sick or not feeling well. No one to turn to when you are in trouble or feeling unsafe. No one will help you when you need to decide on something. The decision will be independently created by you. This also means that you don’t need to take care of anybody except yourself. So if this is no biggie, you are a strong independent person and you are doing a good job.
    6. If you forget something, you’re screwed. I mean you cannot afford to forget a thing when you are traveling solo because no one will remember it for you. The golden rule: never forget anything. This helps you to become aware of your current world and be always ready in whatever lies ahead. Traveling solo builds character indeed.
    7. You don’t care. You just don’t care because you do not need to please anyone. My life, my travel, my rule. It is quite a strange concept but sometimes it feels good to be alone and not to please anybody. It feels liberating to wake up and to do what you really want to do in life your own way and not minding responsibilities at all. Aahh, life.
    8. Gaining new friends. Never a downside in traveling solo. When you travel solo, you will come to a point that you will need to chat with real people, not just your phone. Comparing to when you travel with someone or a group, you have the tendency to become exclusive. It’s always a good thing to meet new people and learn about their culture every time you travel.
    9. Doing the impossible. Traveling solo challenges you as an individual and it pushes you to your limit. You will never know how capable you are until you are in the situation. Just like getting away with airport authorities when you are late with your flight and the gate closed 15 mins ago but you persevered and had overcome all the obstacles and find yourself finally seated in the plane. That feeling is something a superhero feels every day. Crazy!
    10. Rediscover yourself. It will lead you to a road to self-rediscovery in the sense that when you allow yourself to get on an adventure you haven’t experienced before, you understand yourself more and you reassess your life. You will end up asking why am I traveling alone? Why am I doing this? Do I love my job? Where do I go next? Being alone helps you reexamine things and people that add value to your life and what does not and then curate them the way you want.

So don’t be afraid. Travel the world, get lost, learn something new and be a better human being. The experience you will gain will overcompensate your worry. Trust me, it will not be easy but it will be all worth it.

Happy travels Budgetarians! ?