Malaysia Is Truly Asia

This trip to Malaysia was last March, so basically 9 months ago.   I did not have the luxury of time to write about it and took me quite a while to remember everything that happened, time, places, food and etc. 

Moving on, and as usual, I traveled with friends.

Our flight was 1 pm of March 25 from NAIA Terminal 4 via Cebu Pacific. We arrived at KLIA after more than 3 hours flight.   toAfter we went to the immigration process, we hopped on a bus going to Kuala Lumpur. I forgot about the fare anymore. We dropped the hotel, dined out and rest the day.

This is Peking duck dish with sweet sauce. I forgot. It cost around Php150.00 with drinks.
Day 1

Petronas Tower

Everybody wants a picture in Petronas. I forgot about the transportation but we rode the train to Petronas Tower.

In the afternoon, we decided to go to Genting Highlands.

We reached Genting highlands by riding the cable car. It was my first time to ride a cable car and had that funny jumpy feeling.

Visited   the Genting Strawberry Farm

And the Lavender Garden.. with no lavenders. 😂

Day 2


We had a lot whole mishap going to Johor Bahru. Great experience, though.

To be ready for the day, we ate breakfast at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Bread, sausage, eggs, pork and beans with hot coffee for a boost!
We traveled 11 am, acted as fools at the terminal waiting for buses while we could have hailed taxi going straight to Legoland instead. Finally arrived at Legoland 5 pm, 2 hours before the closing time. So funny that I don’t want to remember it anymore. Anyhow, we made use of the 2hours left in the best way that we could. We took endless photos and were able to circle the theme park in just 2hours, but it was tiring. 
I would say bus routes to Legoland is really horrible. I would suggest you ride a taxi from the terminal to Legoland and vice-versa to save your time. For tourists, pack and leave KL early if you want to go to Legoland.

We left Johor Bahru 8.30pm and arrived at BTS around 1 am. Luckily, we have caught the last trip of airport train to KL. We arrived at the hotel exhausted and hungry at 2 am.

Our Legoland trip was a flop. I might do it right next time. I will come back to Legoland for sure. I missed the rides!