Smart Travel Checklist: How to Prepare Before a Trip

travel checklist


What could be worse than forgetting important things before a trip? Sometimes, for some travelers, this could mean adventure but most of the time this is an inconvenience.

So how do you ensure not to forget anything before your trip? Below are smart and simple tips that can make your life easy as a traveler, whether you are traveling on a budget or luxury.


A month before:

1. Get a visa if required

2. Book a hotel

3. Create a travel itinerary


A week before:

1. Notify your insurance company

2. Call your bank or credit card provider

3. Download city maps

4. Familiarize yourself with the subway and public transport system

5. Study local laws and regulations

6. Research festivals and events on while you are there

7. Start packing your suitcase


A day before:

1. Write down emergency numbers of the embassy, contact numbers of family members and even work phone numbers

2. Check weather conditions and updates

3. Upload copies of your documents to the cloud or save in your emails such as identification, passport and ticket itinerary

4. Call hotel for transfer arrangement

5. Ready your travel adapter plug and electronic chargers

6. Charge your phone and camera

7. Exchange foreign currency


Before leaving, check you have:

1. Tickets (keep electronic and printed copies)

2. Passport (insert paper bill in your passport holder in case of emergency)

3. House keys

4. Local cash money

5. Phone


It’s always better to be ready than be sorry. Prepare a travel checklist and make sure to check them all before leaving home.

Happy travels! 🙂